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When I was born, five of my great-grandparents were still alive and another had only just died. Three of my grandparents were very interested in their families, either writing things down or giving me details for a project I did at school in 1972. My paternal grandfather was less talkative/interested, but his wife (my grandmother) knew a lot about his family and there was also a family bible. All this meant that I could be very confident about all sixteen of my great-great-grandparents at least.

My wife's parents knew their own grandparents well and were fairly confident about the previous generation. However, as far as these pages are concerned, I have assumed nothing beyond each of our great-grandparents, so will prove the connection from all sixteen to each of their own grandparents (the 64) and, where possible, the previous generation.



Each name links to the evidence.

Frederick George KNOTT (1859-1937) and Alice Annie WEBSTER (1862-1957)


Thelwell Mather PIKE (1866 - 1957) and Jeanie Mary HOMEWOOD (1873-1975)


John HOLMES (1873-1946) and Ada GILL (1874-1959)


George Wilson FENNING (1882-1955) and Annie Blanche HINE (1882-1966)


John JACK (1859-1933) and Barbara Watson GIBB (1863-1945)


James GRAY (1860 - 1948) and Janet TAYLOR (1860-1937)


Arthur John GAYFORD (1863-1923) and Harriet Susan SMART (1862-1958)


Thomas RIDLEY (1855-1941) and Isabella MOORE (1859-1931)

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